About the Artist

Peter has been painting since he was a young boy. In 2002 Peter closed the door on a long standing career in Real Estate in order to focus fully on the development of his art.   As a young man Peter received some tuition and guidance from Richard Comport, a fine portrait and landscape painter in the traditional realist style.

Progressively Peter's work has developed in a more modern, sometimes abstracted form.  Since 2002, Peter has devoted his working energy exclusively to his art.  He likes to paint or sketch on a daily basis and is a truly committed artist.

Peter's primary goal is to have his work recognized within the professional environment of the non-commercial art sector, eg.Regional Galleries, Art authors and Teaching Institutions etc.  If this is achieved, then those who have acquired Peter's work over the years will be rewarded with a very handsome investment return. He is a member of the Contemporary Artist Society of Victoria and exhibits regularly with fellow artists from the Society.

 Peter is inspired by artists such as Rick Amor, Peter Booth, Albert Tucker and Ian Fairweather.  Each of these painters made a commitment to the quality of their art rather than simply chasing commercial success.

Over the years Peter has developed his own individual painting style.  Usually the paintings are landscape based, sometimes including a figurative element exploring various human emotions.  At other times the works joyfully celebrate the beauty of nature in an expressive way.  The paintings can be viewed from a few metres and also invite examination 'close up' to appreciate the various layering effects of colours and glosses.

Peter hopes that the owners of his paintings experience greater depths of satisfaction with their selections over the years as well as enjoying capital growth within their art investments.


Peter Wendt

How to Inspect the Work:

Please email Peter at the above address to see where he is currently exhibiting.